June 3, 2016


Sambanis’ Olive Grove Farm was acquired from acquisition, one part in 1862 and the remainder in 1936. The farm consists of a total agricultural area of  550 acres cultivated by Mr. Anastasios Sambanis. The farm includes about 9,500 olive trees variety “MANAKI” “Kothreiki” which produce the highest quality olive oil. In creating a new breed of olive trees, we continue to apply the traditional method of grafting olives trees.

The cultivation is mild and extensive and the use of plant preparations and fertilizers is always performed under the guidance of agronomists. The Olive Grove Farm is irrigated from two ground water wells for 5,500 olive trees and the rest is “rain-fed”. The fruit ripens slowly and the harvest period starts in October to early February and the collection is always handpicked, as a result, the fruit is not bruised, which leads to a superior olive oil.

Harvesting does not begin until the olives have reached that perfect point of balance in their life cycle. The entire olive oil production is classified “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and a large portion of its entire production is categorized as “PREMIUM” Olive oil. This olive oil has strong distinctive fruit aromas, a soft delicate taste and thick texture.
We believe that if you try our olive oil, it will have a permanent place in your kitchen.

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