June 3, 2016



Our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural olive juice, from the plains of Trizinia using the cold press extraction method only, to extract the essential olive juice from the fresh single variety olives. The entire production is derived exclusively from our olive groves and is only one year’s harvest period.
We do not blend our olive oil with other olive oils, so you can be sure that the same oil used in our house, is the same that we guarantee to you.

Greek olive oil, widely recognized worldwide for its purity, its excellent flavor and high nutritional value, plays a dominant role in our everyday cooking habits and is found in almost every Greek recipe and cuisine and is the main cooking ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.
Olive oil ideal for marinating meat, poultry and excellent for sautéing and baking pastries cakes, pies and can be consumed raw, straight on bread, in salads and on grilled vegetables.
It flavors every dish and gives that distinctive rich taste.

To make sure that you are buying the purest quality olive oil, it must be labelled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. Read the label to be sure you buying olive oil produced only in Greece. Sambanis Anastasios olive groves in Trizinia


                            in all sizes of

             OUR OLIVE OIL from Sambanis olive groves TriziniaOUR OLIVE OIL from Sambanis olive groves Trizinia                    OUR OLIVE OIL from Sambanis olive groves Trizinia

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