June 3, 2016



Our olive oil from the plains of Trizinia is a distinguished monocultivar olive oil of superior quality and According to the European Union (EU) legislation there are certain areas in Greece from which the olive oil is recognized under the Protected Designation of Origin

A product labeled PDO “Protected designation of origin” means that a product is produced, processed and prepared in a specific geographical area using the recognized know-how of local producers and ingredients from the region concerned. These are products whose characteristics are linked to their geographical origin. Such products must adhere to a precise set of specifications and may bear the mark PDO

The olive grown today in Trizinia is mainly the variety “Manaki” (Kothreiki). The “Manaki” is the traditional variety cultivated thousands of years in the region and from the organoleptic analysis, this particular olive variety is characteristic to produce high quality EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Our area
The Municipality of Trizinia – Methana belongs to the regional Prefecture of Piraeus. Located in the Peloponnese in the south east of the Argolic peninsula with borders the municipalities of Poros,Errmionida and Epidavros. The municipal of Trizinia includes six districts with a total population of 6,500 inhabitants and it capital is  Galatas.

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